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"Nature is the purest portal to inner-peace.”

Angie Weiland Crosby 

Studies show the importance of the great outdoors for our mental health, wellbeing, and creativity.

During COVID-19 we all recognised the vital importance of our green spaces, our communities and our connection with each other.

Bringing together our facilitation expertise, with our desire to do things differently (who needs another zoom/powerpoint) green & blue builds on what we've learned in the office and on teams and takes it to accessible and suitable outdoor spaces across the country. 

We're take a trauma aware, accessible and inclusive approach, ensuring that all the routes we use are friendly to your whole team. 

 The facilitation tools we use include discussion prompts, play, reflection cards, use of the natural environments (sticks and stones) mindfulness in nature and photography walks. We pride ourselves on building sessions around you. What do you need? What feels comfortable? What will help you best?

Our costs are dependent on your needs, and our base day rate is £500. This means if you would like us to plan a team building session with you, we'd expect to spend around three days working on this.

If we bring in any other consultants with specialisms there will be additional costs for them. This may include other organisational development facilitators, yoga teachers, or photographers. 

If you would also like to combine your programme with photos or videos of your team, please get in touch. 

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Director + Facilitator


Ellie Hutchinson is an experienced facilitator, working with third and public sector organisations for around 16 years to support wellbeing, sustainable change and impact. She is passionate about participation and service user involvement, using creative tools to create supportive and reflective spaces to do the work of social change.

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